Building Lego houses and thinking out loud are only two of Ed Sheeran‘s talents. Other than his skyrocketing music career, Sheeran is also a chef of sorts, emphasis on “of sorts.”


Prior to his back-to-back-to-back performance weekend in London, the teeny bopper artist tweeted to food conglomerate Domino’s Pizza that they should include his “om-nom-nom express, deluxe edition” recipe on their menu.


Graphic from Domino's featuring Ed Sheeran's pizza

Would you be daring enough to try Ed Sheeran’s special pizza? (

With favored ingredients of meat, peppers, olives, jalapeños, and buffalo mozzarella on top of a flavorful Italian crust, Domino’s had to jump at the chance to promote this creation.  Additionally, Pizza Legends offered a 30 percent discount if pizzas were ordered through their website.


This was a great marketing move for all parties, even if the partnership is temporary.  Domino’s received publicity from untapped audiences and Sheeran was able to make a dream come true with one of the world’s beloved foods. Nina Arnott, a representative from Domino’s noted, “it’s important to have things to aim for in life — and while he might have conquered the music charts, we’re interested to see how popular his creation will be among UK pizza fans.”


If you could create a magic Domino’s recipe, what would it be? Share your cravings with us in a comment below or find me on Twitter! @antoinette_8a.