This summer, Bravo TV fans had the chance to meet their newest girl crush. Caroline Stanbury, star of the network’s hit series, “Ladies of London,” debuted not simply as a British socialite, but as a savvy businesswoman.


Oozing sass with a bit of steely edge, Stanbury stepped through the screen and into viewers’ hearts. The bravolebrity may have wrapped her first season as a reality star but this lady wears many hats — and stylish ones, too. Stanbury’s “Gift Library” even secured an international presence with the gift-buying elite. Leave it to a Brit.



Luxe online gifts curated for men, women and their broods make up “Gift Library,” a personal shopping mecca designed by Stanbury, who began as a personal stylist herself. Her brand guarantees that all edits to the library are made by the society heir, whether it be a lavish pajama set or a super funky three-finger ring. Stanbury curates the best presents money can buy — think “Gilt” for the rich and famous with an added glamor injection.



Stanbury’s business(es) has continued to grow and within five years, she has expanded her empire with three stores and over 53 employees. Recently Stanbury’s luxe gift company, Gift Library,” acquired “The Wedding Shop,” the leading independent wedding list service in the UK and Ireland.



How much does Stanbury owe her success to the “Ladies of London” show? Skeptics may discount reality television all they want, but brands, especially those in the lifestyle industry segment, can benefit from such partnerships (think a skinny girl sipping a margarita). Televised press can increase international sales and savvy business leaders understand this. Entrepreneurs like Stanbury understand the power of virtual marketing and this is why “Gift Library” is quickly becoming a distinctive brand in the U.S. The luxury gifting and personal shopping service was founded by the star in 2008 to service social elites in London and across various ponds. Add free international shipping and it makes for a clever global business model, indeed.



Stanbury may not be the first female entrepreneur to strike up a partnership with Andy Cohen’s familial ties, but the star seems to have already made a lasting impression. Her charm radiates even more viewer interest than the impish command to “be nice!” which glows pink luminescence from behind a meticulously styled office space. Can this perhaps be attributed to her seeming love for all things American? This can not hurt though, as consumers elicit web traffic through press of their own. Instagram love goes a long way in the home of the brave. Besides, how could Stanbury resist our fabulous entertainment culture?



Will the London ladies garner enough success to stick around for a season two? The future is never certain but MUIPR believes in the flouncy and determined female entrepreneur that Stanbury embodies. We can all agree in promoting that kind of power.



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