Reality television made major strides when Bravo began entertaining housewives. The network didn’t just leap into a major ratings pool; they showcased women’s viewpoints like nothing seen previously on television. OK, you’re probably thinking, “well, it’s more drama and less rocket science,” but never underestimate a tough woman. Especially if that woman doubles as both mother and business owner. That’s the kind of powerful concoction you get with Vicki Gunvalson, the original grandmaster of housewives. At least in Orange County, anyway.


Gunvalson not only makes it okay for all women to hope for their own business success, she inspires them to take it. The Real Housewife may indulge in the show’s dramatics, but she takes a firm stance in every argument, especially when it comes to her family and her business. Insurance agent and founder of her own financial services company, the mom and grandmother doesn’t just make her life about work, even though she’s been caught on camera more than a few times responding to emails into the wee hours of the night.


A true entrepreneur creates opportunity where previously undiscovered, and this real housewife of the O.C. does just that. Award-winning author of “Let’s Talk Money: Women’s Guide to a Lifetime of Wealth,” Gunvalson defies any and all haters by creating an opportunity to teach her market audience (young women and moms!) about financial independence. That’s one heck of a platform. Three woohoo lessons come to mind when pondering the star’s wackiness/steely focus. Some of the favorite things she’s taught us as a Bravolebrity over the years include:


1. Plan Financial Savvy

President and Founder of Coto Insurance and Financial Services, Gunvalson preaches financial education before above all else. By educating a specific target audience about life insurance and annuities, she’s helping all women plan for their families and for themselves.


2. Dominate in a Man’s World

She would never let anyone tell her she can’t be an entrepreneur because she’s a woman. Financial planning can be strictly male-dominated, but Gunvalson never allowed that to stop her. She’s not one of the guys; the Bravo star seated herself at the table and refused to leave.


3. Keep That Healthy Balance

She loves her family and her business at the same time — repeat that sentence again. Having equal amounts of passion for one’s work life and home life can be time-consuming, but all of the hard work can be worth it when you’re living for the moment.


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