Social media continues to present a means by which celebrities can promote their personal brand, broadcast developments on projects, and most importantly: communicate with fans. We’ve talked at great length about celebrities who have an uncanny knack for implementing such technologies, and now they will get another tool to add to their arsenal.


Facebook’s latest function, Facebook Live Stream, will further close the gap between public figures and their followers. The tool allows for instantaneous streaming of video onto the popular social media platform.


Stephen Amell and The Rock pioneered the Facebook Live Stream function

Stephen Amell and The Rock pioneered the Facebook Live Stream function (

Celebrities have already taken to the function with some great effects. Stephen Amell (“Arrow”)  — an all around social media ace — has begun using it to broadcast his personal life. These streams can range in importance, from a quick hello while filming on the set, to live versions of Q&A sessions Amell popularized on his page. Other popular celebrities utilizing the Facebook Live function are The Rock, Serena Williams, and Michael Buble.


Not everyone shares the enthusiasm surrounding this function, however. Some feel that it diminishes the level playing field that the internet is meant to be — as only established public figures have access to the Live Stream. Even those who achieve fame through Youtube Channels and social media prominence have been excluded from the selection pool; Facebook Live Stream is reserved for members of the “old media.” In the eyes of the dissenters, this means that the function ignores grassroots content creators in favor of a preference for movie stars and rock bands — something which social media had not really been about up to this point.


Time will tell if the function takes off, but in the meantime we have another way of observing the intimate lives of the celebrities we so love.


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