“War never changes” — These words have immortalized the “Fallout” series among gamers for years. The post-apocalyptic adventure franchise has existed since 1997, but it truly earned its legendary status in 2008 with “Fallout 3,” and the 2010 follow-up, “Fallout: New Vegas.” Developer Bethesda combined mechanics from their widely popular “Elder Scrolls” franchise with complex, ethically driven story lines, along with innovative combat systems to create something truly memorable. That legacy seems set to continue, with the recent unveiling of the trailer for “Fallout 4.”



The trailer intercuts images of the nuclear-scorched wasteland with flashbacks to idyllic American life that existed before the bombs dropped as The Ink Blots’ “It’s all over but the crying” plays in the background.


Voice-overs about the bombs beginning to drop can be heard, and people can be seen rushing to shelter in the iconic “vaults” for safety. We then see a lone wanderer — whom players will likely control — navigating the Bostonian wasteland, scavenging for supplies with a makeshift rifle, a vault jumpsuit, and a mangy canine companion. The protagonist then speaks to the dog (a first for the franchise), and they walk off.


“Fallout” games typically feature heavy customization options for characters, so if we opt to play as women, perhaps it means we will play as the mother instead (or the infant, for that matter). The populated areas of Boston, such as Fenway Park and North End, seem much more bustling than previous games as well.


The teaser has accumulated almost 12 million views in the last week, but also is somewhat underwhelming. The trailer doesn’t show anything that hasn’t been seen or done before in a “Fallout” game. Even from standpoints of content, tone, and narrative structure, the trailer merely feels like an updated version of the “Fallout 3” trailer from seven years ago. Also, despite the fact that the franchise hasn’t produced an entry since 2010 — and the new game will be next-gen exclusive — the graphics only appear marginally improved.



Ultimately, these really are only minor quibbles; Bethesda has one of the strongest track records of any contemporary game developer, and there’s nothing specifically wrong with the trailer itself. With more content rumored to be unveiled at E3 in just a few weeks, gamers will have to wait and see if the “Fallout” series will rest on its laurels or continue to revolutionize gaming.


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