Frank Ocean recently confirmed that his upcoming album, scheduled to release in July, is almost complete. Rumor has it that the list of featured artists on this album is quite exciting. Nothing has been confirmed, but the thought of all these artists working on the same album is enough to hype this new material.

The list of potential collaborators expanded from Danger Mouse, Pharrell Williams and Hit-Boy to also include Rodney Jerkins, Happy Perez, Charlie Gambetta, and Kevin Ristro. Ocean also announced that he would even skip Coachella to complete this project. Evidence of its progress surfaced over the last holiday season when Ocean released the single, “Memrise.”

Other than album leaks here and there, Frank Ocean has been in and out of the headlines since his “Channel Orange” release. In 2012, he came out as an openly gay R&B artist. Unfortunately, this news was not as well-received in the hip-hop community but Ocean’s happiness is much more important. He joins the list including Sam Smith and Iggy Azalea of music icons that are outwardly comfortable with who they are. Additionally, last week Frank Ocean decided to lay his birth name, Chris Breaux, to rest and legally move forward as the name his fans all know and love: Frank Ocean.


This artist has taken several steps forward in his career and his personal life. It is only a matter of months until the rest of the world sees what he has been working on behind closed doors!


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