Similar to many events that thousands of people attend, music festivals can be quite a hassle to plan. With that sheer amount of people attending the event, accidents are almost unavoidable. Medical teams, security and even patrolling police officers are certainly necessary not to harass participants but instead just to make sure everything’s running smoothly. Along with a plentiful amount of food and beverage options, those security resources are very necessary.


And just like other festivals, things can occasionally go wrong. Whether it’s inclement weather like thunderstorms or a disaster man-made, sometimes bad things happen. Although, no music festival will ever replicate the infamous Ja Rule and Billy McFarland-led crapstorm known as “Fyre Festival”, a “luxury” music festival in The Bahamas earlier this year, in which the participants were told they’d have a private villa to drink at with Instragram-verified models while they jam away to Blink 182 and Migos.


Sadly, the models weren’t there, the villas ended up being FEMA tents and water was scarce much less alcohol. The participants live-Tweeted pictures of luggage being thrown out of a shipping container, the food which was marketed as “cooked by a celebrity chef” which was actually just cheese and untoasted bread, and many bands cancelled their performance or were never performing there in the first place.


Needless to say, many of the bad occurrences to happen at Fyre Festival were at the fault of the organizers as opposed to natural reasons.


This past June, Free Press Summer Fest in Houston faced problems due to natural reasons. They provided plenty of food options as well as water stations and did everything necessary in order to provide a safe experience for its participants.


Although, it was during the summer in Houston. For anyone that’s unfamiliar with the summer weather situation in Houston, it’s either blistering heat or torrential downpour rain. No, there’s no overcast days or anything in between. As with previous years, Free Press Summer Fest ended up being rained out for the 2nd day of the festival.


When it rains in Houston, it pours. Eleanor Tinsley Park was close to flooded and while many people blamed Free Press Houston themselves, the nasty weather ended up being beyond their control unless Storm from “X Men” was on their staff. As a participant myself, there were many bands I wanted to see but understood completely that they weren’t at fault.


After the unfortunate weather situation this past June, Free Press Houston sold the rights of the festival to C3 Presents, the same company that produces produces Austin City Limits, Lollapalooza and Bonnaroo. In return, the event formerly known as Free Press Summer Fest, a festival which have seen performances from such talented individuals as Snoop Dogg and Jack White, has officially been rebranded as “In Bloom Music Festival”.



Being fully aware of the weather in summertime Houston, the festival will take place the weekend of March 24-25, 2018, a much needed time change. As opposed to summer weather, springtime weather in Houston can actually be lovely occasionally. Rain could still occur, but it wouldn’t be a torrential downpour like the previous year’s festival.


The lineup is to be announced this upcoming Wednesday. While no one has officially been announced, I sure hope Of Monsters and Men and maybe Post Malone to be there. I know it’s a strange combination, but please don’t judge me.


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