Guess what, everyone? It’s OK to be a geek now! Break out your favorite fantasy series, flaunt your best superhero T-shirts, wear your bold glasses with pride, dust off your old Trivial Pursuit set, and proudly claim the title of “nerd.” In case you didn’t already know, it is now socially acceptable, even “cool” to be a nerd. You can be any kind of nerd you want: science nerd, math nerd, theater nerd, literature nerd, film nerd, food nerd, comedy nerd, computer nerd, all-around nerd. You don’t have to hide your extensive knowledge of the “Harry Potter” series, your closeted love of the original “Star Wars” trilogy, your emotional over-investment in the epic adventure through Middle Earth in “Lord of the Rings,” fluency in the language of the sci-fi series Star Trek, Klingon — OK, you might have too much time on your hands — but that’s perfectly alright! Geek is the new chic.


So, now that we’ve established that being geeky is groovy, let’s talk about these new “Star Wars” movies. The “Star Wars” trilogy from the 70’s and 80’s caused an intense science fiction craze when the first film was released in 1977, and they have been idolized ever since. It was a sad day in 2005 when the last “Star Wars” film came out, and the excitement was over. True, the newer films may not have been quite as awesome as the original ones from the 80’s, but when the series ended, everyone started to appreciate the newer movies and include them in their “Star Wars” marathons despite any lingering dismay at their lesser visual quality. Now, we can all look forward to the new series that Disney began producing in 2012.


In a $4.5 billion deal Lucasfilms will be creating an entirely new “Star Wars” trilogy, and with any luck, these new films will recapture the retro “Star Wars” magic. It’s looking promising so far; the film will be directed by J.J. Abrams, the genius who brought us the new “Star Trek” movies and “Super 8,” despite his initial hesitatation, and they are already shooting the first in the new series in Abu Dahbi where they will be building a new set of the planet Tatooine. This will be the first “Star Wars” movie since “Revenge of the Sith” to use the traditional live-action method of filming. To make things even more awesome, it has been rumored that the original actors who played Luke, Leia, and Han Solo (Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, and Mark Hamill) will be starring in this new series, and the plot will revolve around these three legendary characters, 30 years after the events that transpired in “Return of the Jedi,” the last of the original epic trilogy. So keep a weather eye out, fellow nerds, for this highly anticipated stab at the Star Wars former legacy!


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