Women in comedy have been thriving over the last few years. Amy Schumer has shooed away those who would call stand-up comedy a man’s world. Saturday Night Live also holds strong female comedians in its current lineup, consisting of Cecily Strong and Kate McKinnon. Perhaps the greatest victory for women in comedy over the last five years has been the success of Paul Feig’s “Bridesmaids” in 2011.


The wedding-themed comedy, starring Kristen Wiig, utilized humor both crass and subtle in nature. Feig’s newest project, a female-led reboot of the comedy classic, “Ghostbusters,” continues to make every possible left turn with regards to gender roles. Ernie Hudson initially showed trepidation to the reboot, but eventually all surviving members of the original “Ghostbusters” team gave their blessing.


Variety recently reported that Hollywood’s sexiest man alive, Chris Hemsworth, has also joined the cast of the “Ghostbusters” as a receptionist for the titular team. The team will also consist of Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, the aforementioned Kate McKinnon, and Leslie Jones (“SNL”).


This twist on conventional gender norms will allow for an exploration of typically unseen gender dynamics, allowing the hunky Hemsworth to possibly play ditzy and objectified while the female heroes get to save the day. The cast consists of known quantities, with McCarthy coming off the recent success of Feig’s espionage-comedy, “Spy.”


The female actresses slated to star in the upcoming "Ghostbusters" film.

The classic film “Ghostbusters” will be revamped from starring an all-male team to an all-female team. (variety.com)

Hemsworth’s role in this film is also expanding his acting resume. Recently, it would seem that he is typecast into action films, such as “Rush” and the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe, but he has also landed upcoming comedic roles. Hemsworth is set to appear in the upcoming “Vacation” sequel, proving his viability across a number of genres.


There are still many struggles for women in Hollywood, especially with the industry recently abiding by antiquated concepts of ageism and sexual objectification of women. However, Paul Fieg’s rendition of “Ghostbusters” will combat this perception with genuinely funny, fleshed out characters from both genders.


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