What started as an animation company producing cartoons of a mouse driving a steamboat, has now become a conglomerate of almost every company that produces any form of entertainment. Within the past decade, Disney has bought the entire Star Wars universe and announced plans to produce an new saga beyond “The Skywalker Saga”. Yet, their acquisitions extend far beyond lightsabers and Jedis; anytime a sports fan watches “Around the Horn” or “College GameDay”, they have Mickey Mouse to thank. Additionally, if you have ever watched an episode of “Modern Family” or a humorous interview on “Jimmy Kimmel Live”, make sure to tip your hat to the Mouse Overlord as Disney also owns American Broadcasting Company.


Disney not likely to buy FOX

Disney (destructoid)

The House of Mouse made business news headlines recently, when not too surprisingly, they considered purchasing another entertainment company — and arguably the only entertainment conglomerate to be able to resist Mickey’s never-ending pockets of gold until recently — the Rupert Murdoch-owned 21st Century Fox.


After a brief and intense bidding war between cellular communication giant Verizon, electronics pioneer Sony and the most lampooned internet provider among memes online Comcast, Mickey Mouse ended up persevering and purchasing the only entertainment company with their hands in as many entertainment jars as them.


With this historic acquisition, Disney now owns all pertinent Fox properties except for a few exceptions: Fox television channel, Fox Sports and President Trump’s favorite network, Fox News. This means that the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Hulu, all 20th Century Fox films, National Geographic and many more entertainment brands now all belong to Negan — I mean Mickey Mouse.


Although, with such a monumental entertainment acquisition, comes several concerns among fans of 21st Century Fox’s more mature properties. While Disney prides itself on family friendliness, I would not exactly consider the witty yet raunchy “Merc With The Mouth” Deadpool as family friendly. Additionally, the grotesque scenes in the most recent Wolverine movie, “Logan”, where the titular character brutally stabs enemies through the face with his claws and directly causes gallons of blood to splatter everywhere, certainly would not be considered family friendly either.


Disney and Deadpool

Disney and Deadpool (entertainment.ie)

According to a recent report by Vanity Fair, Disney has no immediate plans to clean up, or “Disney-fy” any of Fox’s or FX’s properties. Fox Television Group chairman Gary Newman personally had a conversation with Disney CEO Bob Iger regarding the acquisition and Newman “described Iger as being (“very vocal”) about how much he admires what Fox and FX have built.” He further stated that Disney purchased 21st Century Fox and their properties because of its large popularity and “believing in the executives and creators”.


While there are still many questions about possible restructuring of Fox due to the acquisition, Fox believes it will be another 12-18 months before major changes occur. Yet, Disney, which owns Marvel, is purchasing the channel that airs both “Gotham” and “Lucifer”, two shows based on DC Comics characters. This could inevitably cause some conflicts given the rivalry between the two comic giants.


Additionally, with Disney also owning a majority stake in Hulu, would all Disney classics and acquiesced properties move over to their own eventual streaming service or will they move off of Netflix and over to Hulu?


Only time will tell exactly how magical Fox becomes.


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