Nicki Minaj is not known for keeping it quiet. The outspoken, often controversial, female rapper is known for her outlandish outfits, sharp lyrics, and, of course, her body. This past week, Minaj released the cover artwork for her single, “Anaconda.” The artwork features Minaj in a pink bra, and a next to nothing pink thong, exposing a very bare butt. Upon first look, the cover art seems to be a blatant exploitation of her sexuality, or a way to draw attention to herself in a male dominated genre of music. The photo has stirred up questions of whether or not Minaj has taken it too far, exposed too much, and invites objectification.


Controversial cover art for Nicki Minaj’s new single “Anaconda” (

The rapper claims to an activist for women’s rights, and is not one to shy away from topics regarding women’s sexual power. She sees herself as equal to that of her male counterparts. She wants her lyrics and image to empower women and promote equality between the sexes, encouraging women to, “[a]lways be successful outside of a man.” The lyrics of many of her raps advocate for these same feminist ideals. Oftentimes, these messages get lost in her revealing clothing and sexualized image. People are unwilling to look past her choices in fashion and dissect the meaning behind her lyrics.


Perhaps, that is the message she is trying to portray: one that speaks to a sexual openness and redefinition of the female body. With thousands of young fans who idolize Minaj, one has to wonder what their interpretation will be and what they will take away from the her image. It may only perpetuate the idea that to be successful in a male dominated industry, it is necessary to reveal one’s body.


What message then is Minaj trying to send with her racy cover art for “Anaconda”? Is it that women should embrace their bodies and sexuality despite negative feedback? Or does the overtly sexual image completely eclipse her feminist message?


What are your thoughts on Minaj’s racy cover art? Has it gone too far? Or is she sending a positive message to women? Tell me what you think in the comments below or find me on Twitter @whatsthesich