“Can’t Stop Won’t Stop: A Bad Boy Story” is the Bad Boy Records documentary that we all have been waiting years for.


Over 20 years in the music business, Sean “Puff Daddy” Combs is the architect and visionary behind one of the most unstoppable forces in music history. Founding Bad Boy Records in 1993 after being fired from his position at Uptown/MCA records, Combs inked a $46 million dollar deal with Clive Davis of Arista Records and created hit record machine that would change the face of music for years to come.


For the past 20-plus years, Bad Boy Records has been in the middle of the hip hop, and musical, eye, giving us some of the greatest hip-hop and R&B songs known to man, while also being in the midst of extreme controversy and providing us some of the most legendary artists that music has scene.


From the Notorious B.I.G to French Montana, Combs has choreographed and bolstered the careers of many artists who still retain maximum relevance to this day. In the midst of all of this, Combs has crafted quite the career for himself, becoming one of Music and entertainment’s most wealthy people and breaking ground in the business world every day.


So many have asked the question over the years, what was it really like to be on Bad Boy?


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You heard the success stories and you even heard the horror stories, but with “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop”, you hear everyone’s story that had a hand in the Bad Boy movement.


The doc touches on the entire Bad Boy reign, culminating and framed around their two Barclay’s Center Shows in Brooklyn, NY where they would all perform on stage together for the first time.


The film details Combs’ and Bad Boy’s rise to massive success chronologically while also intertwining the lead up to the two reunion shows in Brooklyn in the same fashion.


Between getting everyone back together and initial rehearsals for the show in Pennsylvania, we also see how each artist initially signed to Bad Boy and got their start.


As the doc gets into its meat and potatoes, we start to see how all of that success took its toll on many of the artist, including Diddy.


Maybe the most emotional moment, and really the turning point, of the doc comes when the death of Biggie is discussed and the effect that it had on not just Bad Boy, but the world as a whole.


From this, we get a first-hand look into the inner turmoil that was created, most notably between Lil Kim and Faith Evans, who were both romantically involved with Biggie to which a divide was created.


Ultimately, after 20 years, we see them settle their differences and come back together in harmony for the tour.


The passing of B.I.G also marked a turnaround for Bad Boy as a label because Diddy then became the lead artist and introduced a sound that perfectly mixed hip hop, R&B, Soul and Pop all in one to create music that people could dance to and feel good about.


In the middle of the East Coast/West Coast battle, Diddy came out and had one of the greatest years in music history for any label in 1997 when he spawned five number one hits throughout that basically dominated the entire year. His “No Way Out” sold 8 million records worldwide, Biggie’s “Life After Death” album sold over 10 million records and Mase’s “Harlem World” album sold over five million all in that same year. Each album respectively spawned classic hits like “All About the Benjamins”, “I’ll be Missing You”, “Hypnotize”, “Mo Money Mo Problems”, and “Feel So Good”.


This juxtaposition of Bad turning good is an underlying theme of the doc that was created, according to Diddy, to inspire everyone who watches it.


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From being fired at Uptown, Diddy turned that into a legendary record company of his own. From the death of Biggie, Diddy turned that around into a record breaking year and set the tone for his own career as an artist. Even with regards to the reunion show, the first show, in Diddy’s eyes was a disaster with many things malfunctioning during the show. Despite that setback, he then came back around and delivered a great show on Biggie’s birthday the next night and set the tone for the tour that would follow.


“Can’t Stop Won’t Stop” provides us with clarity as to how hard it is to run any business and be in the spotlight all at the same time. It also gives us a first-hand look as to why Combs’ is where he is. Through every controversy and every mistake, Combs’ turned it into a blessing and came out better because of it.


“Can’t Stop Won’t Stop” is a film about perseverance, passion, highs, lows and most importantly, enjoying and living life to the fullest. When watching this film, you will be inspired to be greater than you are today and to inspire others to do the same around you.


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