Last week, Amazon Prime released a promotional video listing all their offered features. Loyal users are presumably aware of all that this one-click shopper enabling site has to offer, so why the creation of a new advertisement?


The commercial displays strong elements, both visually and musically. It is designed, choreographed, and styled much like a Broadway musical. Visually, the camera focuses on one main vocalist, back up dancers have explicit choreography to follow, the entire video is based on a stage setting, and the lighting is incredible.



These elements contribute to the enforcement of Amazon Prime’s services, but the real VIP of the advertising game is the music chosen. Music is the universal language, and whether or not audiences notice that tiny detail, marketing and advertising firms take full advantage of a catchy tune and use it for their promotional tactics.


Alex White is the Co-Founder and CEO of Next Big Sound, Inc., which is the leading provider of online music analytics. He noted in a Forbes article:

“Brands increasingly need to stand out in a cluttered world and music is one of the best ways to resonate with their customers…a song choice can reinforce the particular message the brand is trying to convey and demonstrate a brand’s’ personality.”



Music’s role in advertising is stronger and provides more of an impact than people take into account. (

Looking at Amazon Prime as an example, their services are varied, and they have the luxury of giving any online shopper what he or she desires at the click of a mouse. This Broadway-inspired commercial only reiterates that the company executes its services in a positive manner, further motivating shoppers to utilize its services.


Additionally, Matthew Sommer, who is known for scoring films and commercials, stated that “music helps brands to form an emotional connection with their target audience in unique way… It affects a wider audience than most other forms of artistic expression.” Advertisements that bring about any form of amusement to viewers takes advantage of that laughter and causes the use of the advertising’s cheapest and most credible tool: word of mouth. Imagine how many people have seen this video and thought to share it with peers and colleagues.


Familiar sounds can help jog a memory better than trying to remember. When it comes to music in advertising, it is important to remember these words from Sommer: “Music makes people talk about campaigns and share them with their networks.”


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