Classic timeline jumping. Emotional and literal goodbyes. Detailed and emotional roller-coaster epilogue. Everything and nothing you would expect from this beloved and sentimental series that has been dubbed this generation’s “Friends.” All in all, the “How I Met Your Mother” series finale has left fans split.


First off, Ted knocks up the mom before they get married. This does not seem to fit the traditional Ted that we have all come to know and love. Not to mention, as the show goes on, it becomes clear that marriage suddenly is hardly on Ted’s mind. This could be attributed to the fact that he is so happy that marriage does not become necessary for his happiness; but some are left wondering about what caused Ted to change so drastically.


Perhaps one the most disappointing (but not very surprising) turn of events would have to be that Robin and Barney get divorced. Shortly after they tell the gang, Robin is the one who states the obvious: they are not “the gang” anymore. She is the outcast in a group of happy couples and ex’s, and she starts to focus on her career more than her love life — and even her friends.


Barney, of course, holds on to the idea of “the gang” with self-denial and comedic relief, something all the biggest fans of “How I Met Your Mother” were probably feeling during the airing of the finale.


A while down the road, Barney then tells the gang (minus Robin) that he knocked up a girl — “number 31” — in his attempt at a perfect month. Nine months later, he then confesses to his newborn daughter that she is the love of his life. The tearful confession was quick, emotional, and hard to imagine Barney doing, yet it is not a totally unexpected reaction for the character, knowing that Barney himself grew up without a father.


Further down the road, seven years after Ted meets the Mother and two kids later, it is Ted’s wedding day. After having spent most of that time away from the gang for work and because it is obvious that she regrets leaving Ted behind, Robin finally shows up and brings back the heartfelt sentimentality of the show.


Ted, Robin, and the blue French horn. (@yssadeocampo/

Ted, Robin, and the blue French horn. (@yssadeocampo/

The true disappointment for viewers would have to be that the mother, after this entire journey of how Ted met her and what he went through to get the emotional clarity to commit to her appropriately, dies of some unexplained illness six years before Ted sits his kids down for the story that he has been telling all of these years. His kids call him out and tell him they know he loves Robin and convince him to go get her. The entire show ends up being a complicated and misleading full circle of Ted and Robin, with a grey-haired Ted showing up at Robin’s house with the infamous blue French horn.


The entire episode — the entire season — has built up Ted and the mother’s relationship to have been easy, perfect, full of love, and sentimental, yet they end up killing her off the same episode they finally get around to introducing her name; it was Tracy.


This really seemed to split fans down the middle. Some expressed that they felt cheated and even disappointed that the writers did not come up with a more fitting or creative ending. Others, however, always felt that Ted and Robin had an undeniable chemistry, and it was a fitting end to the show.


The first question that comes to mind is a little out of context; how could the writers expect anyone to be interested in “How I Met Your Father” if we all know she dies, and we all know that Ted ends up loving Robin anyway? The writers might have shot themselves in the foot with their spin-off, but the full circle of Ted and Robin’s relationship is certainly unexpected enough to get people talking and also well-rounded enough to bring the series to a close.


Something to consider while you are having your moment of closure with the series: it is common amongst writers and successful TV shows to have a sort of well-rounded full circle story line. The fact that the ending of the series references the first episode is a common way any writer would end any series.


The problem that no one can deny is that the mother, who the series is supposed to be about, becomes a shadow and proves nothing about our protagonist Ted, his crush Robin, or any member of the gang. The title of this series is “How I Met Your Mother,” yet it is clear that the entire series has little if nothing to do with the mother — it is all about Ted and Robin. That, and perhaps how Marshall won the long-term bet about who Ted will end up with.


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