It may have started with this tweet:

Or perhaps it was this one:


Regardless which came first, for some time last week, Nigerians on Twitter had fun imagining what it would be like if canonical superheroes from the DC and Marvel universes were transplanted to Nigeria. Netizens quoted the problems superheroes such as Batman or The Incredible Hulk would face if they were Nigerian. The results were at times hilarious but also pointed out poignant issues in Nigerian society.


1. Wolverine would be relegated to kitchen duty by his mom.


2. Wonder Woman would be slutshamed for her uniform.


3. She would also face pressure to marry.


4. No one would appreciate the Human Torch because of the heat.


5. The fuel scarcity would grind Batman’s movements to a halt.


6. The Nigerian heat would mean no costumes.


What this first shows is that a lot of Nigerians know their superheroes. It also illustrates issues Nigerians have to deal with sometimes daily. The punishing fuel scarcity that is still ongoing, for example, not to mention the pressures on Nigerian women to marry early and dress “modestly.” Perhaps this tweet rounds it up best:


Would superheroes find it so hard to survive in Nigeria? Let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment below or reaching me on Twitter @rafeeeeta