To truly understand the character of Batman, one must first endeavor what it truly means to hit a low point in life. That mindset defines The Caped Crusader, but in some small way, also defines the career of the latest actor to don the cowl: Ben Affleck.


Despite existing as a Hollywood institution for the better part of the last two decades, Affleck has only recently begun to see renewed success, thanks in large part to the directorial prowess displayed in “The Town” and “Argo.”


This skill behind the camera has led to rumors that Affleck will helm the 2018 Batman solo film.


Ben Affleck as seen in "Daredevil"

Since Ben Affleck’s role in “Daredevil,” he has directed several successful films including “Argo.”(

While no one will know for sure until March 25, 2016 if Affleck does the character justice (pun very much intended), it’s hard to argue against the fact that he has more than redeemed himself as both an actor and a filmmaker in the last few years. After Warner Bros. cast him in the role of Bruce Wayne/Batman, many fans voiced concerns based off of his previous foray into the superhero genre in 2003: “Daredevil.” While it is generally agreed upon that “Daredevil” was fairly terrible film, Affleck’s portrayal of the blind vigilante stands out as maybe one of its only good — or at least not bad — qualities. If nothing else, his recent work in “Gone Girl” proved he still has what it takes to carry a dramatic film.


As a director, Affleck has proven his ability to tell engaging personal stories that do not shy away from the grit, violence, and tension necessary for Gotham’s masked hero.


Check out this clip from “The Town” below (Be advised: R-rated content)



This revelation begins to open up speculation as to the source material that Affleck could potentially adapt for his 2018 solo film. The “Under the Red Hood” storyline would make sense because we already know his Batman will be grieving the death of Robin, while the recent “Court of Owls” storyline would give moviegoers something very different from what Burton, Schumacher, and Nolan bring to the table.


While the project seems safe enough in Affleck’s capable hands, he should take one thing into consideration: fans want to see something they’ve never seen before. Let audiences into Batman’s brain, show his immense detective skills, rage, and most importantly, a man who dresses up like a bat and fights crime.


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