Iggy Azalea (www.guardian.com)

Iggy Azalea (www.guardian.com)

It comes as no surprise that “Billboard Magazine” chose to feature Iggy Azalea on their latest  cover. The Aussie rhymer/cover girl has held the top two spot on Billboard’s “Hot 100” for two consecutive weeks now. This is a big deal for a multitude of reasons.


Azalea becomes only the fourth solo female rapper in Billboard’s “Hot 100” history to have a number one hit. With “Fancy” at number one and her Ariana Grande collaboration “Problem” at the number two spot for another week, Iggy joins The Beatles as the only other music act to rank at number one and number two concurrently in their first two “Hot 100” entries; she is also  the second woman behind Ashanti to hold the top two spots for multiple weeks. Can Azalea’s  mega heat wave of success sustain itself once summer comes to a close?



Thinking back, bundling up in warm blankets escaping the harsh London winter initially exposed a certain study abroad home to the Australian enigma. “Work” and “Murda Bizness” introduced us to a whole new world of female rapping and although several of our American friends back home underestimated the reign of the pop diva, we keenly understood that she would somehow stamp her mark. If T.I. placed his faith in her, why couldn’t we?



Her accomplishments now dazzle far more audiences than solely the Brits; Azalea’s taking over the music world. The rapper’s collaboration with Charli XCX dethroned John Legend’s “All of Me,” which held the number one spot for three weeks after Pharrell Williams’ “Happy” struck gold before that. Naysayers be gone; Azalea is here to stay. She may spit dirty lyrics but she is one mastermind entrepreneur as well.



The rapper’s rise and successes on the Billboard “Hot 100” follows artist Lauryn Hill, who debuted her big hit “Doo Wop (That Thing)” in 1998. In 2001, Lil Kim had her first pop chart-topper with Christina Aguilera, Mya and Pink on “Lady Marmalade,” and Shawnna then topped the “Hot 100” with Ludacris on ‘Stand Up’ in 2003.



At the ripe age of 23, Azalea proves she is a feisty, chart-topping darling with enough moxie to speak up for herself during her stay in the spotlight. The real question remains, how much longer will her star continue to shine bright?


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