Last night was the finale of season 18 of Dancing With The Stars (DWTS) on ABC. This season was full of ups and downs, upsets and inspiring stories. The finale of the season is usually a spectacular occasion, full of big dance numbers (of course) and big-name musical performances.


For this season finale, ABC lined up reigning DWTS champion, Amber Riley, of Glee fame for two vocal numbers. Additionally, recording artists Ariana Grande and Australia’s Iggy Azalea also performed for the finale.


Iggy Azalea performs "Fancy" on DWTS Finale, May 20. (Adam Taylor/ABC/Getty Images)

Iggy Azalea performs “Fancy” on DWTS Finale, May 20. (Adam Taylor/ABC/Getty Images)

The highly anticipated performance by 23-year-old Azalea (alongside Charli XCX) was considered a mark of “making it” in American culture. Azalea’s song, “Fancy,” has peaked at number three on the Billboard Hot 100, and is the first of Azalea’s to reach the Top 10. In fact, Azalea is the first female rap artist to have two songs in the top five of the Top 100 at the same time; “Fancy” shares the spotlight with the song Azalea collaborates with fellow DWTS finale performer, Ariana Grande, on the top song, “Problem.”



Azalea was introduced by DWTS Host, Tom Bergeron, as the first time an international female rapper has held the top spot on the Billboard charts. Her performance of the chart-topper took a surprising turn at the very beginning of the song.


Australian rapper Iggy Azalea took to Twitter after her flubbed DWTS performance. (

Australian rapper Iggy Azalea took to Twitter after her flubbed DWTS performance. (

“I’m so sorry, but there is something wrong with my ear,” Azalea complained out loud in the middle of her performance. From a viewer’s standpoint, it seemed as if Azalea’s earpiece was a few musical bars ahead of the track playing out loud for the audience. You can see the full video of her performance of “Fancy” on DWTS here.



Of course, viewers are long past the idealistic thought that recording artists should be performing live without any aides to support their vocals (we all remember the SNL vs. Ashlee Simpson debacle of 2004). It is quite a feat for these performers to be expected to sing to the fullest when they are whipping their bodies around to difficult (or physically tiring, at the very least) choreographed dances.


What we all do expect, especially in the case of a live show, is for performers to be at the top of their game. This means glazing over technical difficulties, such as the one Azalea experienced, and keeping the show going. The reason Azalea’s screw up is so controversial is not because it happened in the first place, but because she broke down that wall of professionalism and was not a performer in that moment, but appeared to be more of an amateur, not understanding that the show was live.


For what it is worth, Azalea’s vocals during the confusion were on point. The girl clearly has the pipes to back up her fame; she just may need a little more practice before jumping back into such a hugely successful (and stressful!) event again.


Were you watching Dancing with the Stars last night? What did you think of Iggy Azalea’s performance? Do you think this will set back her career, or can the public forgive the error and now see her as more human than celebrity? Let’s talk here, or you can find me on Twitter @tiffanijpurdy!