There are many tours this year that are worth talking about.  Among these is certainly the “Into the Night” Imagine Dragons tour.  The band recently performed their latest hits at the SAP Center in San Jose, California last Thursday, February 13.

The concert in San Jose enveloped new and old fans—something rare for blossoming bands. They even made shout outs to one of their favorite bands by doing a cover of the classic song “Rush” by Tom Sayer.


At the SAP center in San Jose, fans were so happy with the band that the crowd used their phones as “lighters” and started swaying them back and forth during one of the songs the band dedicated to some of their oldest fans.

This is the final tour to promote their “Night Visions” CD which gave them the most commercial success, as it opened at the Number two spot on Billboard’s top 200. Although this is the third tour in support of their album “Night Visions”, the band said that the show is less of a promotion for the album and more of an “exclamation point” for it.

Dan Reynolds, lead singer of Imagine Dragons, talked to MTV News, and discussed why they wanted to make some changes to their last tour.


“We’ve really changed everything, in a lot of ways, for this final tour, because there are probably quite a few people who have seen us on previous runs of this tour, so we wanted to bring something fresh for them … and also for us… We’ve played these songs a lot of times now over the past two years, so we are going to be playing some different songs [on this tour]; the setup’s all different, electronically there are things going on that are different… It’s a much bigger scale. We’ve never played arenas, so it’s a different realm for us.”


Photo: Crowd uses lights on their phone as "lighters".

Photo: Crowd uses lights on their phone as “lighters”.

Although this is the last tour for “Night Visions”, fear not. They are planning on putting out more albums and going on more tours.

So if you have the misfortune of missing this tour, definitely get ready to catch their next one–they know how to put on a hell of a show.





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