Fans of the 1980’s comedy franchise may be disappointed to hear that the director of the previous two “Ghostbusters” will not be returning for a third installment. Ivan Reitman has directed many successful comedies, including “Stripes” and “Meatballs,” but none have quite lived up to the “Ghostbusters” films, particularly the first one.


Reitman will be returning as a producer, but in the director’s chair will be a different filmmaker. Some have suggested it be Jason Reitman who takes over. Being the son of Ivan Reitman and a director who tends to work in comedy, he seems like an obvious choice. Still, the younger Reitman’s style does not quite mach the material, and it is doubtful that it will be him.


Rumored to be the next helmsmen are Phil Lord and Chris Miller, of “The Lego Movie” fame. Coming off of the success of that hugely successful animated comedy, they seem the perfect fit for this material, which is intrinsically funny but must appeal to a wide audience. If their “22 Jump Street” proves to be a worthy sequel to its predecessor, do not be surprised to see these two taking over.


Also not returning is the film’s chief comedic talent, Bill Murray — at least not in a leading role. With Murray being one of the greatest comic actors of his generation, losing him along with the director is a huge blow to this revered franchise.


The studios will be able to figure out something for this film. Though the situation seems bleak, there is hope if Lord and Miller are truly coming on to direct. In their previous films, they have shown a uniquely funny comedic voice that just seems to meld with this material.


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