Just when we thought the cast of “Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice” had reached critical mass, Latino Review obtained supposedly reliable rumors that actress Jena Malone (“The Hunger Games” franchise) will feature prominently in the film as Barbara Gordon.


Although Malone’s presence in the film had already become common knowledge months ago, most had assumed that she would play Carrie Kelly — the Robin from “The Dark Knight Returns,” upon which “BVS” takes ample inspiration.


Different iterations of Batgirl


As most comic book fans already know: Barbara Gordon, daughter of Commissioner Gordon, started her vigilante career as Batgirl, only to to suffer paralysis due to a gunshot wound inflicted upon her by The Joker in “The Killing Joke.” Not content to wallow in self-pity, Gordon remained a valuable member of The Bat Family by becoming Oracle, a tech-wizard for the team. Essentially, she’s the inspiration for Felicity Smoak from “Arrow” — only she could kick-ass on the streets as well.


Over the years, the character has developed a strong following; her modest depiction standing out in a medium that often overly-sexualizes female characters. Her paralysis became an overwhelming success with the disabled community, who had previously not had many mainstream heroes to relate to. Her popularity has boomed as the female comic-book audience only continues to grow.


Barbara Gordon in "Batman Beyond" animated series

Barbara Gordon in “Batman Beyond” animated series (comicvine.com)

The form Malone’s Gordon will take remains open to speculation: we could see Batgirl, Oracle, or even an older Gordon who has retired from the vigilante life to become police commissioner, like she did in the popular “Batman Beyond” animated series. No matter the iteration, it’s wonderful to see Warner Bros. making an earnest attempt to diversify its universe and properly portray DC heroes from both genders.




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