Kanye West took to Twitter a few months ago to release his upcoming album title in a not so cryptic way. Posting a picture of four M’s connected, he revealed that his next record will be called. “So Help Me God.”


However, just a few days ago, he took to Twitter once again to tell the world he changed his mind.



The aspiring shoe designer posted, “I’m changing the name to SWISH.” Almost immediately following that first statement, he also posted, “I might change it [the name] but that’s the name now.”



Details on the album are pretty scarce and apparently ever-changing, but what fans do know is that the 37-year-old rapper is creating the album as a service. He previously stated, “My last album was a protest of music. But this album is just embracing the music, embracing joy and just being a service to the people.”


There is no release date, there are no details, and there’s a tentative album name. West definitely knows how to keep the media talking about him and what he is planning next. Well done, Yeezus, for keeping fans intrigued with all of this mystery and ambiguity!


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