Fans of the Comedy Central sketch show “Key and Peele” should be excited to hear that Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele will be coming on as producers on the new “Police Academy” reboot. This is a franchise that has been dormant since 1994, and New Line Cinema is looking for fresh comedic talent to breathe life into this potentially hilarious material. With their recently found success on Comedy Central, Key and Peele seem like an obvious fit for the franchise.


What is interesting, though, is that thus far it does not look like either of them will be acting or writing for the film. With their lack of producing experience, their only other credits are as executive producers on “Key and Peele,” it seems like they are being brought on in order for the studio to promote the film using their names. Key and Peele may contribute some ideas to the film, and it is still early so their roles could change; as of now, it looks like their creative input on the film will be minimal. This is rather unfortunate, as both comedians have demonstrated a fair amount of talent throughout their careers.


So far, there is no news as to who will be directing the film, as “Tosh.0” director Scott Zabielski recently backed out of the film. There are a number solid directors that would fit well with this project, but if it were up to me, it would be Bobcat Goldthwait who gets the nod. As Zed, he was one of the better parts of the “Police Academy” sequels of the 1980s, and he has proven in the darkly comedic “Sleeping Dogs Lie,” “World’s Greatest Dad,” and “God Bless America” that he has real filmmaking talent. There is next to no chance that he ends up making the film, but it would certainly be an interesting direction for New Line to take.


What do you think about Key and Peele working on “Police Academy?” Who would you like to see direct the reboot? Let me know in the comments below, or reach out to me on Twitter @TuckerPoikonen.