Among the many excellent parts of The Lone Star State, the original and legendary musical artists are probably the best aspect of this massive former country. Everyone from iconic rock star Buddy Holly, rising R&B star Khalid, up-and-coming rapper/living meme Post Malone, the King of Country himself, George Strait and the very man who I dearly hope is governor in 2018, Willie Nelson. If Willie’s running for governor and Matthew McConaughey will be his lieutenant governor, then they certainly have my vote.


Recently, one of Texas’ all time musical legends, Selena herself received a walk on The Hollywood Walk of Fame. Due to her incredibly philanthropic nature and her status as a role model among her many adoring fans, her star was certainly earned by La Reina del Tejano during her tragically short lifetime. Yet, in her 23 impactful years of living, she became an icon of Tejano music and cemented her status as one of the most among the most influential Latin artists of all time. On top of the many honors she received, both while alive and posthumously, Selena even had the very special honor of having a Google doodle dedicated to her, which only further cemented her status.


But of all the honors, La Reina has received one of the most unique privileges that any artist could have. It’s an honor that I’m fairly certain no other Texan legend has had replicated to them.


Starting in March, Selena’s life story will be portrayed in a bilingual children’s book. With the story being told in both Spanish and English, “The Life of/ La Vida De Selena” is the brainchild of CNN Latino and Cosmo Latino-featured writer as well as creator of the “Lil’ Libros” book series Patty Rodriguez along with Cal State, Dominguez Hills graduate Ariana Stein. Rodriguez and Stein decided to create the children’s book partially due to their importance in teaching their own children to be bilingual as well as there being a lack of bilingual children’s books as a whole.



The book about the Tejano legend will continue the legacy that Lil Libros has built by detailing the lives of Latino legends such as painter Frida Kahlo.


“The Life of/La Vida De Selena” details her glamorous and deeply meaningful life, including her humble beginnings with Selena Y Los Dinos and every step that led to her becoming The Queen, or La Reina, of Tejano music. Along with a rich and vibrant history all being told bilingually and with adorable illustrations, the young reader will also find out random yet humble qualities about Selena, with a featured example being that her utmost favorite food was pizza.


Although humorous factoids regarding the Tejano icon are presented, the book makes sure that the reader knows exactly how special and impactful of a person that Selena was to her countless fans.


“The most important people in the world to her were her familia and fans.” the Amazon description to the book reads.


No matter the location in Texas, you could travel anywhere and you’re more than likely to see an indication of Selena’s legend. “La Vida De Selena” will be available on Amazon on March 6, 2018 for all to read.


Have you bought a copy of “La Vida De Selena” for you or a relative? If so, Tweet me at @CaptainKasoff because I sort of want my niece to read this so I can teach her about music from Texas.