David Letterman’s announcement of his leaving may have taken the world by surprise and also proved to be a great method in increasing the show’s ratings. Throughout the entire season, numbers have skyrocketed in comparison to previous seasons. Letterman’s last night after 33 years of hosting was on Wednesday, and he had nothing but widespread support.


With six days left of the final season, ratings were released in comparison with some other favored late night shows.  Deadline reported that the “Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” only recruited 3.086 million weekly viewers.  “Jimmy Kimmel Live” was behind Fallon with only 2.229 million viewers.  “Late Show with David Letterman” surpassed both of Fallon and Kimmel with a weekly audience of 3.816 million viewers.


David Letterman at the beginning of his career in 1982.

David Letterman at the beginning of his career in 1982. (timesunion.com)

After Bob Dylan performed on the penultimate episode, it was comforting and brought about closure to see that Letterman had the stage all to himself on his last night. It is difficult to imagine the emotion Letterman felt, but he did have the pleasure of sharing his farewell with 13.7 million people.  The last time the show received that much attention was 11 years ago in February 1994.


Numerous tributes and thank you’s are currently going viral, but perhaps the most touching one came from the one and only CoCo. Conan O’Brien took advantage of his popularity and at 11:35 P.M., encouraged his audience to flip the channel to “Late Show with David Letterman.” As competitive as show business can be, it is refreshing to see that all hosts recognize and appreciate those who greatly impact the industry.



Thank you, David Letterman, for gracing the late night hour with your wit and intellect all these years.


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