Of the many genres of movies, horror movies stand out for their visceral and often disturbing visuals, storytelling and acting. What started as a simple medium to frighten those who watched their movies, the horror genre has transcended into many different subgenres, such as body horror, torture horror and whatever the three Human Centipede movies are. Both the numerous franchises themselves and the iconic slasher characters, Jason Vorhees and Michael Myers to name a few, have become household names and spawned countless sequels, prequels, solo movies and so many other forms of famous pop culture.


In 1974 and produced with a budget of only $300,000, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre became an overnight sensation quite in the modern way that the Paranormal Activity films did. Telling the straightforward yet horrifying story of a group of friends and their nightmare-inducing encounter with a family of cannibals in the extremely isolated and rural area of Texas. Surprisingly, the film more than made it’s budget back by earning $30 million in total. From that $300,000 movie made in the mid-1970’s, there’s over eight films, a comic book series and even a video game that have been created from that initial movie. Arguably though, the most iconic part of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre was it’s horrifying villain who would later go on to become the unofficial mascot and protagonist of the franchise.


From that humble movie made with a fraction of what movies are currently produced on, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre films would go on to multi-million dollar projects that would captivate countless fans, such the previous 2013 film in the genre, a $20 million and 3-D movie titled “Texas Chainsaw 3D”.



Leatherface, somewhat inspired by infamous serial killer Ed Gein, became synonymous with the horror genre due to his mask made of human skin and his legendary chainsaw. Throughout the many films that this very monumental characters in the horror/slasher genre. Being a hulking 6’6, donning his notorious gruesome mask of human skin with smeared lipstick, a blood-soaked apron and a constantly running chainsaw that he occasionally dances with. He’s incredibly disturbed from his many childhood traumas and through a movie recently released, the many fans of the franchise will finally learn about his harrowing past.


Serving as a prequel taking place before the events of the original film, Leatherface explores the childhood and origins of the legendary chainsaw-wielding slasher. It examines the messed up and mutated Sawyer family and the many actions that directly caused Leatherface, originally known as Jedidah, to spiral out of control and become the twisted murderer that he became.


An interesting fact about Leatherface that shows the versatility of the directors and producers is that although the story is centered around a family in rural Texas, the principal photography actually was completed in rural Bulgaria due to it’s uncanny resemblance to the Texan countryside.


If you’re any type of horror fan, especially a fan of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, then this new entry into the series is certainly worth a viewing of.


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