Oh, the remake… An easy way for Hollywood to take a classic property, dust it off with some nice CGI work or new, hot actors, and sell it back to audiences. The biggest issue with modern remakes stems from the fact that most films being remade still hold up fairly well — see: “Point Break,” “Halloween,” and “Total Recall” — therefore rendering the update unnecessary.


Here are some films that could actually benefit from an update:


1. “Duel” (1971)


Before “Jaws,” we had “Duel.” The film that introduced Steven Spielberg to the world, “Duel” centers around a lone man stalked through the American southwest by an unseen truck driver after a road rage incident. If “Mad Max: Fury Road” proved one thing, it’s that there is an audience for a movie about a two-hour car chase. Unlike “Jaws,” which should never, ever receive a remake, “Duel” relies on the visceral nature of being chased to produce its scares, and would greatly benefit from a skillfully handled update.


2. Max Payne (2008)


When Max Payne, an undercover DEA agent who recently lost his wife and daughter, is framed for the murder of his partner, he must go on a one-night rampage that spans the entire New York underworld.

The most recent film on this list, “Max Payne” was a serious disappointment back in 2008. Based on a popular video game of the same name, the film removed all of the stylistic noir elements that made the games so amazing, and retained minimal polt resemblance to the source material. Success here would depend on adhering closer to the already incredibly cinematic story, and keeping the violence at a hard R rating.


3. First Blood (1981)


After being mistreated and abused by a small town Sheriff’s department, PTSD-riddled war veteran John Rambo declares a one man war stateside. Rambo obviously has a lasting, violent legacy with American moviegoers, but the original could bring him to the modern day. By replacing Vietnam with the conflict in the Middle East, a remake could tell a gripping story about how modern warriors have failed to cope with the nightmares of IEDs, and room-to-room combat.

He doesn’t need to be the action cliche from the sequels; make Rambo a damaged soldier who cannot let go of what he has seen. This could have the same effect as “American Sniper” without all of the gung-ho hero worship that film possessed regarding its main character.


4. The Warriors (1979)


Set over the course of one violent night in New York City, “The Warriors” follows a ragtag gang’s journey to make it back to their home territory on Coney Island after a rival gang frames them for murder. Loosely based on Xenophon’s “Anabasis,” the film does an amazing job of creating New York run by colorful, eclectic gangs. However, the acting and the fights — while still brutal — do not hold up particularly well.


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