Determined to present more than a flawless image, Lisa Ling strives to transparently unveil the livelihoods for all Americans in her new CNN series, “This Is Life With Lisa Ling.” The beloved host writes and produces her program with gusto, and it shows. After only a few episodes, audiences are hungry for more of what the journalist delivers.


Lisa Ling in 2009 (Getty Images)

Lisa Ling in 2009 (Getty Images)

Journalism isn’t dead for Ling. Her ability to refrain from judging her subjects makes for the best television. Whether she’s conversing with sugar babies or Mormon drug addicts, it’s no sweat for the trailblazer. She treats everyone with the same kind of graceful neutrality no matter what absurdities may materialize during her interviews.


An avid supporter of women worldwide, Ling believes all women need an open forum through which to share their secrets, speak their minds, and gain power and confidence through understanding and support. As a result, she co-founded with Sophia Kim. She is the co-author of Mother, Daughter, Sister, Bride: Rituals of Womanhood and Somewhere Inside: One Sister’s Captivity in North Korea and the Other’s Fight to Bring Her Home,” which she penned with her sister, Laura.


In her first CNN report, Lisa Loeb uncovered the social phenomena of "sugaring."

In her first CNN report, Lisa Ling uncovered the social phenomena of “sugaring.”

Ling’s passion for uncovering women’s lives allows her to bring her research to the table at CNN. Take sugaring, for instance, which is the term used to describe a young person getting paid with either money or material goods (vacations, shopping sprees, expensive gifts and dinners, etc.) in exchange for company with a wealthy person. Ling featured the sugaring phenomenon as her series introduction, premiering the growing underground for international audiences. She covered the New York City and Atlanta sugaring scenes, following the founder of Seekingarrangement’, a website membership service devoted to matching sugar parents to willing babies. This isn’t the first time the website has been mentioned in the news; the Huffington Post reported their own research on the subject as well.


By simply presenting these issues on such a recognized platform, Ling opens up discussion into countless American lives. Without accusing or attacking, Ling refrains from promoting any personal opinions. She instead reports on and for the culture. Her passion for neutrality reaches more individuals, prompting other budding journalists to follow suit.


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