Get ready for season two of the Netflix original series, “Orange is the New Black”! This brand new dramatic comedy series based on the true story of Piper Kernan’s year spent in prison is one that you will not want to miss. Not only is “Orange is the New Black” an extremely unique and compelling show, it also brings up important issues like prison reform and the experiences of women in prison in an innovative and approachable way. This show brings the drama and excitement without using cheap plot twists and formulaic cliffhangers.


The show’s premise is based on an interesting social experiment: take an average 30-something white upper middle class woman with a fiancé and a line of homemade body products and put her in a high-security prison, filled to the brim with your “average” criminals. The lead character “Piper” has to face every challenge and every injustice that comes with being incarcerated; her story is told autobiographically through her own unique perspective. The issues that arise in the show are brought to the forefront in an interesting way.


The mysterious and unfamiliar lifestyle of an enemy to society, a law-breaker, is juxtaposed with the worldview that the viewers understand; Piper Chapman is a type we are familiar with and know well from our own lives. At first it is almost strange, seeing such an average figure in such an unfamiliar and unexpected setting;; she seems utterly out of place according to society’s stereotype of a female criminal. However, as the show progresses, the audience is taken on a journey through every aspect of life in prison and the subjects whom society conscientiously overlooks. As an intended consequence, we become very well acquainted with the very real and serious problems that go on behind closed doors.


The character Piper Chapman is played by Taylor Schilling, who was nominated for a Golden Globe for her amazing performance last season. The character of Piper Chapman is a complicated and extremely difficult role to play, and Schilling really brought her character and essence to life, making for some very powerful and emotional moments throughout the series. Mark your calendars: the second season premieres on Netflix this Friday, June 6!


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