Every generation has a defining movie. For some it was the “Breakfast Club,” and for others it was “Grease.”  The greatest movie that easily defined the generation of students newly graduated within the past decade, would have to be “Mean Girls.”


With Lindsay Lohan out of rehab and back in the spotlight, it’s no wonder that when she talked of a “Mean Girls” reunion on “the Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon,” people were a little hesitant to give it much merit. But last weekend, Tina Fey confirmed that there is, indeed, a “Mean Girls” reunion happening!


According to TMZ, “it’s unclear how the reunion will come together — Jimmy [Fallon] suggested hosting it on his show — but we’re told it could also materialize as a comedy sketch [or] maybe on an awards show.” Whatever it is, “Mean Girls” fans are probably going to be hard to disappoint. This is so fetch!


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