The Avegant Glyph. Photo: Kickstarter

The Avegant Glyph. Photo: Kickstarter

A company from Ann Arbor, Michigan may be bringing you the latest in mobile entertainment in the next coming months in the form of the Glyph.

This headset by Avegant looks like an ordinary set of headphones; yet, it streams visuals into your eyes and doubles up as a noise-canceling device with quality that is on par with popular headphone brands in the market today.


When the band on top of the user’s head is flipped down over the eyes, the visuals are added to the user’s experience–projecting beams of light into the eyes to illustrate the desired image.  Reminiscent of the look of X-Men‘s Cyclops character, the design of the Glyph is meant to be more appealing and affordable than similar emerging technologies, such as the Google Glass and the Oculus Rift.


The Glyph will be compatible with virtually any device with a screen–smartphones, laptops, televisions, gaming systems, and more.  “I think Google Glass is really interesting … [but] I think it’s a couple years away,” said Edward Tang, Avegant’s CEO.  “If you ask people what they’re doing with their devices today, they’re streaming Netflix, they’re playing video games and they’re listening to music. We created a device that really focused on those aspects.”


Glyph technology

The Glyph is compatible with anything with a screen. Avegant/Kickstarter.

According to Tang, a notable selling point for the Glyph is that the it may remove the problem people experience when using screens for extended periods of time because the Glyph produces the same kind of light our eyes have evolved to see.




There is still time to pledge money to the Glyph project on Kickstarter. The project has already earned over $1.4 million with an original pledge of $250,000. Avegant will give backers pledging $499 or more one beta version of the Glyph.


The campaign closes on Friday, February 21 at 9:22 AM EST.



Will you be waiting in line to buy the Glyph when it is released? Is this the future in personal mobile entertainment? Let’s talk tech here in the comments section, or you can tweet me @TiffaniJPurdy.