Miley Cyrus has come quite a long way since being a child star on the Disney Channel. She may have her critics, but she sure knows how to rock a concert. Last Saturday night Cyrus made a glorified “Bangerz” tour stop in Los Angeles at the world renowned Staples Center.


According to Yahoo Music writer, Lyndsey Parker,


“One of the highlights of Miley’s Saturday concert was her performance of the loved-up ballad “Adore,” during which […] the most remarkable caught-on-camera smooch undoubtedly took place between Miley and her fellow pop princess Katy Perry, who appeared totally stunned when Miley leaned into the front row for a big kiss.” Thats right, Miley and Katy totally copied Britney and Madonna and locked lips mid concert. Both ladies seemed to enjoy the moment as Miley confessed on the microphone moments after, “I just kissed a girl, and I really liked it a lot”.


During the show, Cyrus brought the Flaming Lips on stage to perform a duet. Although the performance was a bit eccentric, it was an oddly enjoyable scene. Both artists are big fans of one and other and have expressed that multiple times in the past.


There have been a bit of backlash from some angry parents who believe that Cyrus’s provocative behavior at concerts is becoming a problem; these parents might be on to something. The thing is, Cyrus is no longer making music for the younger audience; so, if you happen to be in the “Miley age group” (or older) and are looking for an abnormal musical display, catch the Bangerz tour when it rolls through your nearest town.


So, what are your thoughts?  Do you feel the pop icon is putting her own, somewhat odd spin on the music and entertainment industry today?  Feel free to share your insights via the comment section, or tweet me @procsss.