By far, the most snubbed movie at this year’s Oscars was “Inside Llewyn Davis.” Although being considered one of the best movies of 2013 by many critics, it managed to receive only two nominations: the Best Sound Mixing and Best Cinematography categories.


It is a shame that the film did not receive more acclaim from its peers, but it is doubtful that its lack of praise by the Academy will keep “Inside Llewyn Davis” from joining the ranks of such films as “Fargo,” “Barton Fink,” and “The Big Lebowski” as Coen brothers classics.


Being that this is a Coen brothers picture, there is an intrinsic element of dark, sarcastic humor that is very much present in the film. Everything is looked at with a wink, no matter of the bleakness of the subject manner.


And this is a rather bleak film. Starring Oscar Isaac in the title role, “Inside Llewyn Davis” takes us through a week in the life of this fictional musician. In that week, he fosters a cat, plays a few gigs, surfs from couch to couch, gets beaten up twice, and generally fails at most of what he does.


Llewyn Davis is a sympathetic character. You root for him through all of the struggle and heartbreak, but it is also plain to see that much of his failure is brought upon himself. He is our protagonist and really the only character we have to latch onto, but there are moments where he is nearly unlikeable. Certainly, he is another great, complex character added to the Coen brother’s ever expanding pantheon of great, complex characters.


“Inside Llewyn Davis” is shot in a muted hue of blue and gray. The visuals add to the melancholic nature of the movie and go a long way in conveying theme. It was a nice film to look at and Bruno Delbonnel does a fantastic job in filling in for the usual Coen brother’s cinematographer, the great Roger Deakins.


What is most striking and immediately appealing about the film is the music. This cast which includes Carey Mulligan, Justin Timberlake and, of course, John Goodman are often as good at playing music as they are at acting.


Though “Inside Llewyn Davis” isn’t the best Coen brothers film, that title probably belongs to “Fargo,” it is one that you should definitely check out.


“Inside Llewyn Davis” is available to rent now.


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