Of the five nominees for Best Documentary Feature at the Academy Awards last Sunday, one film stood out as vastly different from the rest. Not in terms of how it was made, but in terms of how it was released.


After doing the rounds at festivals, “The Square” was given its widest release on the digital video streaming service, Netflix. Making this Netflix’s first film to be nominated for an Oscar.


But don’t plan on it being the last. The idea of content being created specifically for the internet is a new one. As the scope and scale of the internet and websites like Netflix continues to grow, we will no doubt begin to see more and more films, shows, and general entertainment being produced for release online.


This nomination and the film’s critical acclaim (it’s currently boasting 100 percent on Rotten Tomatoes) are steps forward in securing Netflix as a place for filmmakers to release their work. This is exciting for both the artist and the viewer.


For the artist, there is now a new way to get your film out there for an audience to see. Very few films are put out in theaters and a filmmaker, like Jehan Noujaim of “The Square,” has a much better chance of finding an audience online than in the small amount of theaters that run independent films.


For the viewers, there will now be an abundance of easily accessed content, available to peruse at their leisure.


So consider taking time out of your day to watch “The Square.” You’ll enjoy yourself, while supporting this new trend of content produced specifically for the internet, which helps us all out.


Are you interested in watching “The Square?” Let me know in the comments below.