In 2028, there is an abundance of crime in Detroit. The United States government is using machines made by OmniCorp to replace military men and women in dangerous countries. The United States government will not, however, use these drones in place of police.


In the remake of the 1987 “Robocop”, Joel Kinnamen plays Alex Murphy, a good cop and a loving husband and father, who is severely injured and close to death. OmniCorp sees this as an opportunity to make a half-man, half-machine product that they can “sell” to the general product.


As the movie goes on, more moral questions are asked, few are answered, and fewer are played out to the bitter end. Although this is an enjoyable movie, one that definitely has acting that makes you believe the characters are real, but it also subtly makes fun of itself with commentary from “Pat Novak” played by Samuel L. Jackson.


This version of “Robocop” feels a lot like the movie “Ender’s Game.” You do not go into the theater expecting much more than a ride-along with characters that resemble heroes with awesome graphics and amazing cinematography. Yet, when you really start watching and getting in tune with the flow of the movie itself, there are so many hidden moral questions underlying within the plot, and the dialogue that causes you to ask yourself where you stand on many issues.


We recommend this movie to young adults and adults alike (don’t take your kids, there is quite a bit of violence). We also recommend that if this is a movie you are seeing on a date or a night out with friends, you should watch this movie before dinner, as it makes a great conversation starter.


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