With some of our favorite TV shows amping up the drama every week, it is making it harder for us to be patient for a whole week for the next episode. Yet, while they may be teasing us with all these cliff hangers, there are board games that are either out already or are coming out soon to quell our impatience. Below is a shortlist of our favorite games based on TV shows or movies:

Photo: The Walking Dead Board Game

1. The Walking Dead: The rules for this board game are hard to get a handle on at first, as it is easy to “die” and turn into a zombie.  However, once you get the hang of it, it is really fun.  There are three different ways one can play the game: you can play humans against zombies, in teams, or every man for himself.  Playing in teams is the easiest way to have a “human” winner (instead of a zombie winner). The game can purchase this on Amazon for under $35!



Photo: Inception Board Game

2. Inception: This board game was created by a fan.  The game is not yet in the marketplace as it is currently requesting funding via Kickstarter.  As of the time this article went to press, the game had already exceeded its minimum pledge of $30,000 with nearly $50,000 in funding. So there’s hope that this board game–which looks not only cool but playable for such a complicated movie–will make it to stores soon.



Photo: Clue – The Big Bang Theory

3. The Big Bang Theory: This board game is based on the classic board game “Clue”, so it’s likely you already know how to play it. There are some nerdy twists to this game, though, that are worth having if you’re a big fan of the Big Bang Theory. This is also fairly cheap: you can purchase it on Amazon for under $35!




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