For those of you who caught a glimpse of Sunday’s VMA’s (a limited one, we hope), you probably felt offended at least once during the evening.


That’s MTV for you. This time, the network’s offense wasn’t so much due to twerking, but really a result of PR stunts. The 2014 Video Music Awards felt more like a gigantic PR campaign featuring desperate celebrity attempts to stay relevant and portray a opposite image of what the press promotes.


What did you think of the red carpet and awards ceremony? Did you feel like everything was authentic or strategically planned?


Check out the following moments we felt like were more scheduled rather than spontaneous.


Red Carpet Crazy Fashion

Did you see what Taylor Swift wore to the ceremony? Some ceremony. Swift usually always looks stylish and elegant on the red carpet, but her awkward blue jumpsuit seemed totally out of her fashion realm. The choice was so disastrous that it felt more like her camp was  advising her to secure attention for her upcoming album release.


Another wild fashion choice includes Katy Perry’s ensemble. Her throwback look recalled Britney and J.T.’s denim love, but fans and critics alike suspected a marketing ploy for her new single.


Anything Kardashian

After trying countless times to make peace with the clan, this writer’s attempts proved futile after watching Kim and her younger sisters appear bored and overly nonchalant. It seemed a little off for Kim to introduce Sam Smith but things turned ugly when the camera panned to the Kardashian/Jenner seats, only to find them all bored on their phones.


Miley’s Homeless Cause

Could it be that in just one year Miley Cyrus changed her tune completely from wild partier to homeless advocate? Not all of us here at MUIPR are buying it.


Desperate Beyonce Nation

The top shocker of the night felt more scheduled than shocking to be frank. Beyonce’s performance followed by her family’s embrace made for a moment of overexposure, just in time to refute all of the tabloid accusations at marital unrest and infidelity in the Jay-Z/Queen Bey empire.


What are your thoughts on the top highlights from the VMA’s? Were they planned for a purpose or genuine and fun? Share your thoughts in the comments or tweet me @Kelseymbro