While cleaning out a storage area of all the things his parents collected, John Carter, Johnny Cash’s son, happened upon a collection of tapes. After over three decades of collecting dust on the shelf, these never heard before Cash recordings have been released as a full length album entitled, “Out Among the Stars,” The 13 tracks include duets with Waylon Jennings and June Carter Cash.


The tapes were recorded in the early 80’s, a pivotal time in Cash’s life. “He was at a great point in his life, spiritually and creatively,” says Carter. ”

When I hear these recordings, I hear this side of the man in early 1984, when he was clear, when he was true, the side not many people have heard. I feel like it’s a quite viable part of my father’s life. You can hear his integrity of spirit in these recordings. You can hear the happiness in his voice when he sings with my mother, because they were together again.”


Brandon Flowers performing “I Came to Believe” (consequencesofsound.net)

In celebration of the album, French independent film maker, La Blogothèque, asked three artists to perform covers of a few of Cash’s songs from the album. The acts included Brandon Flowers, Father John Misty, and Local Natives. What was produced was a beautiful tribute to one of the most influential country singers of all time. The songs are set in the desert, and each artist adds their own unique touches to the songs, while keeping still keeping that Johnny Cash essence.


What made Johnny Cash different was his down-to-earth accessibility; anyone can listen to his music and feel at home. Cash was a storyteller, and “Out Among the Stars” captures a man whose life was full of love and heartbreaking struggles. Ten years since Cash’s passing, the music of the legendary country star continues to live on in the hearts of millions. The deep, resounding tone of Cash’s voice is distinct and recognizable. Thousands of people continue to fall in love with his music every year.


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