In an era where set photos, leaks, and spoilers consistently mar the production of major motion pictures, the highly anticipated “Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice” has done a superlative job of keeping much of its production under wraps. By no means have we seen nothing of the production — set photos have leaked to the public over the last two years — but compared to sister film, “Suicide Squad,” Zack Snyder’s superhero showdown has maintained an impressive air of secrecy.


Finally, after a short teaser trailer in April and numerous set photos, Warner Bros. have finally begun to show more of the polished film. Last week, Entertainment Weekly released several promotional photos from “Batman V Superman,” showcasing numerous under-explored plot elements.


Batman V Superman set photo of Gal Gadot and Ben Affleck out of costume

An out of costume Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) and Batman (Ben Affleck). (

Among the photos were shots of Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne dancing formally with Gal Gadot’s Diana Prince (both out of costume), an armored Dark Knight squaring off against Henry Cavill’s Superman, and Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor.


The shots of Bruce Wayne and Diana Prince — Wonder Woman, to the layperson — stand out as interesting because we have seen very little of Gadot’s character thus far. Although not featured in the title of the film, Wonder Woman rounds out DC’s “Trinity” of primary superheroes and will play a key part in “Batman V Superman.” Director Snyder recently stated that her character will serve as a “gateway drug to the rest of the Justice League.” We will have to wait to see exactly what that means.


Batman and Superman close up face off

Batman and Superman face off (

In the same interview, Snyder also confirmed that Batman will utilize Superman’s famous weakness — Kryptonite — during their battle. This adds a new layer of depth to the photos of the titular heroes staring each other down because it means they will likely not engage in a massive trading of blows, like Superman and Zod at the climax of “Man of Steel.”



Jesse Eisenberg stands against a bar, as Lex Luther

Jesse Eisenberg as Superman’s nemesis, Lex Luther (

With regards to Lex Luthor, the photos show him leaning against a bar, presumably in a mansion, with a mop of hair on top of his head. This seems odd, considering our only other glimpse of him has been with a shaved head in previous promotional materials. From here, we could speculate that he may be wearing a wig, or something to do with Kryptonite will cause his hair to fall out. Once again, it all remains to be seen.


The film deserves a great deal of credit; despite being one of the most highly anticipated movies of the coming year, it has managed to uphold its secrecy better than most. With March 26, 2016 rapidly approaching, we will soon know if our speculation has been accurate or if Snyder will completely surprise us.


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