Last summer, “Blurred Lines” hit the scene with its controversial lyrics that are still talked about today. Whether or not Robin Thicke understood the repercussions of his lyrics is not the issue: the lyrics are very telling to the culture of how men and women interact in club-like settings.


However, this summer, there is a different kind of anthem being explored by artists: “consent is sexy.” Our favorite? “Consent” by Jack and Dean.



The music video starts off in a stereotypical way: two dudes walk into the club with lots of attitude and awesome sunglasses (even though it is probably night time and dark outside?). However, it is the fact that they are playing on stereotypes that is a powerful message in itself.


Then the music starts. Jack kicks the song off: “I am sitting in the club/ I feel it’s not hot enough/ until you walk in and it’s like, ‘OH MY GOD!’/ I wanna get close to you and get all up inside your space.”


At which point, Dean comes in and corrects his friend (the way men should do!). “Whoa there! What are you doing?/ You don’t even know this woman/ She’s a fine young thing/ she don’t need grooming/ she’s a human being/ She’s got a brain and remembers everything you say.”


These lyrics phrase a positive, powerful message in a humorous, approachable way.  “One of them decided to change their mind/ and just to clarify that’s completely fine!”


Hopefully, there will be more videos and songs popping up around the internet that will be memorable, catchy, and go viral until it starts getting played regularly at clubs. Maybe then, consent will become undeniably sexy.


What do you think of this new music video? What do you think of the song? What other “consent it sexy” songs are you listening to? Do you think these kinds of songs will help make consent sexy? Let me know your thoughts and comment below or tweet me @kateeb790!