Brazil has the second highest number of citizens of African descent after Nigeria, but you will not see that from watching mainstream Brazilian media. Media aimed at children does not fare any better, but a Nigerian initiative plans to challenge that. “Bino and Fino” is a Nigerian cartoon aimed at children between the ages of 3 and 6 years. It is an educational cartoon that teaches children African history and culture. Based in and created from Abuja, Nigeria’s capital, “Bino and Fino” has garnered worldwide interest, and now its founders are looking to branch into Brazil.


Although African culture is part of Brazil’s multicultural landscape, there are few examples of black children on Brazilian television. Due to a lack of representation, Bino and Fino has been put forth as a means to help Brazilian children learn about their roots by teaching them about black and African culture. This will also result in a sense of belonging in these children. The cartoon series will be screened in Brazilian schools as part of an educational scheme.



According to Adamu Waziri, the creator of the series, its primary objective is to portray a more accurate depiction of children growing up in African countries in all their complexities. “Bino and Fino” caught the eyes of black Brazilians who are pushing to have the series brought to Brazil. A fundraiser has been launched to this effect. With a goal of $5,000, funds raised will go mostly into dubbing the cartoon series in Brazilian Portuguese.


Should the campaign reach its goal and the series be shown in Brazil, it will be yet another example of how the African Diaspora can connect to empower each other.


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