It finally happening. Tonight, after 17 years of sharp satire and our nostalgic trip through Comedy Central’s “Month of Zen,” Jon Stewart says goodbye to “The Daily Show.”


Trevor Noah’s ascension to the “Daily Show” desk, slated for September 28, has been nothing if not controversial. A relatively unknown quantity, his history of sexist and anti-Semitic jokes left a sour impression on the show’s already distraught fan-base. Despite all that, Stewart has stood by his successor, promising that audiences will come to respect him in time.



Trevor Noah and a controversial tweet


In a way, Noah taking over “The Daily Show” represents the next stage in its own evolution. When Stewart took over for Craig Kilborn in 1999, the young comedian slowly turned the simple news parody into a left-leaning satire of the 24-hour news cycle — particularly Fox News. While that successful formula will likely remain intact, Noah will inject his own cultural and youthful spin on the proceedings.


Regarding the change to the material, Noah said:

“Now you look at news and it’s changing. It’s no longer predicated around 24-hour news. There are so many different sources. Half of it is online now. Now you’ve got the Gawkers and the BuzzFeeds, and the way people are absorbing their news in sound bites and headlines and little click links has changed everything.


From that, one can glean that “The Daily Show” will continue to grow its trend of news satire, but the scope of the ridicule will grow and change to reflect the times we live in.


Though some may take umbrage with this change, Noah emphasizes that the show’s lens must change to reflect the man behind the desk:

“If you look at the issues in America right now, let’s say just around racial inequality, Jon and I come from two totally different points of view.. Jon would have to empathize. I, myself, come from a different place, and I guess it would be the same for him on different issues as well. When it comes to Mike Huckabee commenting on leading Jewish people to the ovens, Jon would come at it from a very different place than I would because I’m more of an outsider into that world and he isn’t.”


Obviously, not everyone will get on board with this type of change. Some may fundamentally disagree with altering the format, while others — according to The Hollywood Reporter’s Tim Goodman — simply may need Stewart. for there to be a “Daily Show” in the first place.


Before we make a rash decision and jump ship, let’s all remember that the departure of certain correspondents such as Ed Helms and Steve Carell eventually gave us greats like Jason Jones, Jessica Williams, and the rookie Jordan Klepper.


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