It goes without saying that comic book adaptations have become a fairly common. Between “Daredevil,” “The Flash,” and even the upcoming “Suicide Squad,” they have taken over almost every entertainment medium. I don’t think I am alone in my belief that the freshman season of “Gotham” missed the mark by a considerable degree.


As we discussed a few weeks ago, an IGN poll showed that a mere 1.18 percent of viewers consider it the best comic book property on television. That being said, I have thought my stance on the show over, and decided that I will welcome season two with open arms. Here are three reasons why.


3. At least, it’s attempting something fresh.

Promo art for "Gotham"


We all loved Christopher Nolan’s “Dark Knight” trilogy, and “Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice” generally seems like it’s gonna be all sorts of awesome. We’re agreed on that, right? Then perhaps we can all agree that we can only see the same take on the Batman mythos so many times before the whole thing become redundant.


Maybe some additions to the mythos have not worked so well — the Spirit of the Goat comes to mind — but that doesn’t mean we stop trying new things. A few short years ago, many people probably thought we would never see new classic villains added to the comic book continuity, but then Scott Snyder gave us the newly minted classic “Court of Owls” storyline.


Another refreshing aspect of “Gotham” comes from the refreshing way in which it’s treating the existing mythos. We have always taken for granted that villains like The Joker came after Batman’s arrival in Gotham. Perhaps it’s jarring that the show is staying away from that concept, but at least it has the guts to try.


2. It’s only been one season.

The cast of "Arrow" stands for a promo shot

The cast of “Arrow” (

Not every show gets it right coming out of the gates; these things often need time to work themselves out. “Arrow” had a great first season, but that’s really only because of how much it liberally borrowed from other properties — there’s a lot of “Batman Begins” in there. Many of the wholly original aspects of “Arrow” simply did not work at first, and have slowly evolved to bring it more in line with a show that got it right the first time around: “The Flash.”


1. Just because it is new doesn’t mean it changes what we already love.

This is something that bears repeating over and over again to people who whine about sequels and remakes — a group I sadly am part of. Our issues with a fresh perspective on something we love do not change why we fell in love with it in the first place. Maybe I dislike the handling of certain characters on “Gotham” because they are not how I envision these characters acting, but that does not devalue them. We should stop trying to find the definitive versions of anything, because it gives us less freedom to explore.


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