Although hardly what could be dubbed a “teaser trailer”, we finally know when the new season of Orange is the New Black will air on Netflix.  After several weeks of rumors that it would air April 25th, we finally got our answer: Orange is the New Black will air June 6th. You can watch the teaser trailer here.


The best part about shows that air on Netflix? All of the episodes will be uploaded at once. This means you should probably get your vacation days in order, because you’ll probably want to stay in to watch them all at once.


The teaser trailer really doesn’t amount to much as it’s really just millisecond shots of the faces you’ll be seeing in season 2, none of which are really any surprise. One thing to note is the evil look you see on Piper’s face. This leads me to believe that she is full of tension and might have really let herself turn “bad”.


Are you excited for the show? What did you think of the “teaser trailer”? Do you think it gives any clues as to what to expect from season 2? Comment below or tweet me @kateeb790!