Goodbyes are difficult; bidding farewell to a humorous, comforting presence can prove even more heart wrenching. In anticipation of Jon Stewart’s upcoming departure from “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” — and subsequently handing the show over to comedian Trevor Noah — Comedy Central has begun “Your Month of Zen.”


Fans of “The Daily Show” likely already have some familiarity with the “moment of zen” segment in which they show brief clips of humorous news clips or past events at the end of an episode. The “Month of Zen” will start with Stewart’s first show after taking over for former “Daily Show” host Craig Kilborn, and continuously stream Stewart’s entire tenure as host in chronological order until his final show on August 6. All told, this will add up to more than 2,500 episodes by the time Stewart takes his final bow.


Although the show’s basic format serves to lampoon traditional news outlets, the “Month of Zen” shows that it has become much more. Despite pulling his humor from recent headlines, Stewart’s humor, self-deprecating lightness, and overall presence have a way of transcending the date announced at the beginning of each episode; a profound voice of reason, but always a comedian first. Stewart’s voice is one of profound reason, while maintaining his comedic image. Even his speech after 9/11 apologized for being yet another somber opening, but rationalized its existence.



Noah will have some massive shoes to fill when he eventually takes over for Stewart. “The Daily Show” has an impressive legacy, serving as the springboard for Hollywood greats, such as Steve Carell, Rob Corddry, and Ed Helms — just to name a select few. The show also proved the viability of satirical news in the mainstream, a viability used to great effect in “The Colbert Report,” as well as “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.”


As if Stewart’s exit were not heart wrenching enough, Comedy Central have used “Your Month of Zen” to further establish just how powerful nostalgia can be when it comes to helping us experience emotions.


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