A Change.org petition has gotten over 300,000 signatures in an attempt to get former “Daily Show” host Jon Stewart chosen as the moderator for a 2016 presidential debate.   


Signatures for Jon Stewart on Change.org


The petition started in early August, and it has gained thousands of new supporters every day at consistently faster rates. In the past, news anchors have been the usual choices for debate moderators, and Stewart has spent 16 years as the host of the Comedy Central satirical news show. Does his time on the “Daily Show” really make him qualified to moderate a presidential debate?


“Mr. Stewart has interviewed 15 heads of state, 22 members of the United States Cabinet, 32 members of the United States Senate, 7 members of the United States House of Representatives, and scores of other political leaders from this country and around the world while establishing himself as the most trusted person in (satirical) news,” states the Change.org petition.  


Barack Obama speaks with Jon Stewart on The Daily Show

President Barack Obama, left, talks with Jon Stewart, host of “The Daily Show” during a taping on Tuesday, July 21, 2015, in New York. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

Stewart as the moderator could draw a high number of young voters into watching the debate, which might create a larger voter turnout for millennials. The “Daily Show” has gotten younger audiences interested in politics, and has one of the highest percentages of young viewers when compared to other news programs. In 2012, a Pew Research report showed that 39 percent of the “Daily Show” audience was between the ages of 18 to 29. News anchors that moderated past presidential debates had a lower percentage of audiences in the millennial age group.


Some are worried that Stewart is too biased against Republicans to moderate a presidential debate. On the “Daily Show,” Stewart criticized statements made by popular Republican candidates Donald Trump and Jeb Bush on a weekly to daily basis. However, Stewart has also criticized Democratic candidates Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton numerous times while hosting the “Daily Show.”       



The signatures may continue to rise, but neither Stewart nor the Commission on Presidential Debates have commented on the petition.


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