When “Jurassic World,” the fourth installment in the “Jurassic Park” series, was announced nearly a year ago, many were surprised to see that Colin Trevorrow would be directing the project. Mostly because almost no one had heard of him. Trevorrow has but one feature and a short under his belt, neither of which have found a large audience. This is a shame since they are both pretty good, especially “Safety Not Guaranteed.”


A 2012 film, “Safety Not Guaranteed” follows three less-than-enthused journalists who go to write a story on an advertisement placed in a local newspaper calling for a volunteer to assist in a mission to the past. The three go to find whoever placed the ad in the paper, mostly as a joke, but when the young intern, Bridget, meets this seemingly-insane time traveler, she finds he might not be so crazy after all.


This is a sweet film. The characters are so lovingly written and have such charm that you cannot help but root for them. Mark Duplass and Aubrey Plaza are great and funny, as usual. They have solid chemistry, and the romance that eventually forms between the two is believable and often a sheer delight to watch. Both have the capacity to be stars, and this writer suspects they will be — especially Plaza. She has strong personality on-screen, and she really is hilarious.


It’s hard to believe that this was a first feature, as Trevorrow’s direction is quite sharp. “Safety Not Guaranteed” flows from comedy to odd-ball romance to conspiracy sci-fi flick, all seamlessly. There is never a beat missed, and this film is endlessly watchable.


Much of the credit, though, must go to writer Derek Connolly. His character writing and dialogue remain entertaining and credible throughout the entirety of this strange and enticing film.


The only real problem with the film is the ending. Without getting into spoiler territory, we’ll just say they could have done a lot more with a lot less.


Still, this is a film that you should seek out. If you have a Netflix account, it is currently available for Instant Streaming. So give it a look there.-3.5/4


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