Few television series capture the same intensity and character development in the second season as in the first. Each week, our team will examine the particular elements that go into making a series great, even in its second season.


Last week, our editorial team highlighted the miraculously evil touch of “House of Cards.” In its second season, the Underwoods are so good that audiences actually feel nervous about a third go-around.


Until the Emmy’s find us on the edge of our seats on August 25, we will continue to profile some of the best golden-age programming on television. This week however, we move from the haunted West Wing and into the Hollywood underground.


Starring Liev Schreiber and Jon Voight, “Ray Donovan,” is a crime drama series created for “Showtime” fame enthralled audiences. Now well into its second season, what is it that makes a series like this have audiences craving more? Sure, Ray Donowan’s (Liev Schreiber) brusk cool might help (plus, have you seen his abs?); but there’s got to be something more.


Then there’s the matter of Mickey, Ray Donovan’s father (Jon Voight), who acts as the quintessential string that ties everything together in the series. Viewers can’t help but wonder if Angelina Jolie feels the same way regarding her own father’s presence as Ray does about Mickey.


Schreiber isn’t the only actor nominated for the Emmy in “Ray Donovan.” Voight spoke to the “LA Times” about his supporting actor nomination. Among his remarks he mentioned:


“A lot of those things lead to my ability to get into Mickey. Mickey is a character that you grow with over 12 episodes. I get a lot of aspects of Mickey. People get to see a lot of me. I think that it’s a memorable portion of my career.”


Will audiences want to grow with Mickey and Ray enough to produce acclaim for a third time? An Emmy award might not convince Boston-tough fans of the hit series. Top-notch acting might just do the trick and the cast of “Ray Donovan” must step up to the plate to deliver more of what audiences crave. All they really want to know boils down to one simple phrase: “what’s in ya heart, Ray?”


The 66th Primetime Emmy Awards will be broadcast live on NBC Monday, Aug. 25. The ceremonies, which are being held at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles, will be hosted by Seth Meyers.


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