Civil unrest is all too familiar of a topic in the media. Police brutality, racism, and equality are issues that are a daily concern and hit the headlines with varying details. Over the last month, the city of Baltimore has been the subject of several stories, while also drawing back to tragedies that took place in other states, including Ferguson and Staten Island.


Protesters gather in the streets of Baltimore.

Riots and aggression in Baltimore has led to city-wide curfews. (

The riots in Baltimore have been unsettling and have resulted in several arrests and injuries. In the midst of all this aggression, Prince embraced the power of music and used it to compose a tribute to the city. Fans will have to wait a bit for this musical masterpiece, since no release date has been announced. In the meantime, though, they can marvel over the cover art for the single, and imagine what amazing tracks will back up the lyrics.


Prince spent some quality time in his studio Paisley Park Records, according to Fox NewsHis lyrics read as an onlooker disappointed in this chaos and hostility. Mentions of Freddie Gray and Michael Brown bring recent issues back to light and further showcases the main issues motivating protesters.


Lines such as “R we gonna c another bloody day?” and “Let’s take the guns away” speak volumes about what is happening so frequently in the news. Perhaps, the lyric with the most impact is “Peace is more than the absence of war.”


Prince’s song takes full advantage of music’s universal understanding.  His lyrics advocate the same issues people have been questioning for years, but maybe hearing the words in a different avenue will make more people listen.


Many other artists have composed tribute songs; name your favorite in a comment below, or mention it on Twitter @antoinette_8a