Most evil robot movies are set on destroying humans; classic examples are “The Matrix,” “Battlestar Galactica,” or even “Transformers.” Then there are movies that are set on the morality of robotics and human evolution, such as “Robocop.”


But then there’s “Robot and Frank,” a movie that is not about the evil robots or the morality of it all. Robot and Frank is based on a friendship between Frank, an old cynical man who seems altogether unpleasant, and his robot caretaker that his daughter and son got for him so they could, essentially, visit less. The all too appropriate and endearing tagline of the movie is that, “friendship doesn’t have an off switch.” Therefore, it is fitting that Frank would find friendship in a robot, a machine programmed to literally put up with his off-hand comments.


This indie movie, in all it’s luster, is different from what is normally prescribed and spoon-fed to us about robots, and it is worthy of more praise and recognition than it has received. It is true, though, that Robot and Frank is equally happy as it is sad. But this should not sway you from the true essence of the film.


Robot and Frank could very well be enjoyed by all ages; yet, as a fair warning to parents, there is a lot of swearing in the beginning. This is, though, an appropriate movie to watch in all social situations — whether it be with parents, friends, a significant other, or by yourself.


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